Landscape Maintenance

A Landscape consists of lawns, shrubs, flowers, trees and other ornamental accessories. Each requires individual specialized care to maintain their beauty and a healthy life.

The A.B.E. Group has specialist to design and maintain any lawn or commercial landscape. Specialized care and customer satisfaction is our motto.


This is an example of our general service contract for the maintenance, care and housekeeping of all exterior landscape areas, but specifically excludes lights, signs, fences, creeks and ponds. The type of maintenance, care and housekeeping is defined in the following and is designed to promote healthy growth and create the landscape environment specified.

Contracts may vary in content and this is an example of our services.

1. Turf shall be cut at a height of 1 1/2" to 2 1/2" as conditions dictate. Mowing shall be done frequently enough so that no more than 1/3 of the grass blade is removed per cutting. Mowing equipment and patterns shall be employed to permit recycling of clippings where possible, and present a neat appearance. Excess clippings shall be removed. Blades on all equipment shall be sharp to prevent tearing of the grass blades. Line trimming will be performed in conjunction with mowing.

2. A quality turf fertilizer shall be applied four times per season providing a total minimum of 3-4 pounds actual nitrogen per 1,000 square feet per year. Timing, frequency, and rate of application shall be adjusted to meet horticultural conditions.

3. A pre-emergence weed control shall be applied to turf each spring and fall to minimize weed seed germination.

4. All turf shall be sprayed twice during the spring to control broadleaf weeds. Additional spot spraying will be performed as needed.

5. Turf adjacent to walks and curbs shall be edged every other mowing.

6. Leaves shall be removed from all turf in autumn.


1. A pre-emergent weed control shall be applied to all beds each season. Additional hand weeding or spot spraying of herbicide will be performed as needed to provide a clean, neat appearance.

2. All shrubs and groundcovers will be pruned according to species and acceptable horticultural practices. Pruning will be performed to remove dead and damaged growth, develop the natural form of the plant, and to create the effect intended. As a general guideline, two or three heavy prunings and several spot prunings will be performed annually. Formal hedges will be pruned to maintain a hedge type appearance.

3. Fertilizer shall be applied to all beds each season. A complete analysis fertilizer will be used according to species requirements.

4. All planting will be monitored for infestation of insects and disease. Appropriate chemicals shall be applied for control. Major infestation of migratory pests, such as fire ants, southern pine beetles, gypsy moth, and the like, is not included since these pests are unpredictable. In such cases, cost for treatments will be proposed separately. (Treatments for Photinia leaf spot are not included.)

5. Turf adjacent to beds and tree rings shall be edged as needed to prevent encroachment of turf and to present a neat appearance.

6. Leaves shall be removed from beds periodically to provide a neat appearance.

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